About me

Level 4 Channeled Light Healing Catalyst

Visual Artist 


Wild Woman Project Circle Leader

Yoga Instructor

I was standing outside of 18th Avenue Library at The Ohio State University during an unbeknownst pivotal moment of my life. In my mind I had reasons to not do Yoga Teacher Training, but there was a deep part of me that knew, that pulled me to do it anyway. That was the moment when I chose to listen to my heart, to listen to my soul, for one of the FIRST times in my life. 

YTT itself was a transformational experience that I went into trusting my gut. As I continued to unravel the layers of cultural programming, I learned to listen more and more to my inner voice. I graduated from YTT June 2017. I was a part time student and part time yoga instructor during my last semester of college. I graduated from OSU Spring 2019 with my degree in Chemistry and minor in Fine Arts, specializing in painting. I went directly into teaching yoga full time. 

After teaching public yoga classes full time for a year, the pandemic forced me to slow down. It became clear I was burning myself out. I chose to prioritize my own healing and self care. I dedicated my lockdown time to my Wild Woman Project Circle Leader training and Channeled Light Healing training Levels 1 + 2, both of which I completed in May 2020.  

I now dance with being of Service through my many offerings, while also prioritizing my own nourishment and healing. It is such an honor and joy to work with clients through Energy Healing sessions, craft candles, paint for commission and for myself, teach public yoga classes and lead Moonthy Wild Woman Project Circles.

I currently hold classes and workshops at The Sweaty Buddha and Basecamp Plant Based Kitchen in Durango, Colorado. The natural world is a constant teacher and source of inspiration. I am humbled and honored to live in such a beautiful, Wild mountain town.