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Channeled Light Healing

Why book a Channeled Light Healing (CLH) Session?

CLH sessions are an investment in your healing, on all levels.


Western medicine often does not address the root of an issue. In CLH we catalyze healing to the origin of the physical issue and the origin of the need for the issue. We honor that physical pain and dis-ease is information. By allowing ourselves to harvest the wisdom from the wounds AND (with accelerated light) dismantle stagnant energy, we are able to activate our bodies natural healing, and many times resolve the issue on a much deeper level.


Our emotional healing is intimately linked to our Spiritual Awakening. Every emotion in our energetic system- especially those we repress- is like a beacon, magnetizing more experience towards us with that vibration. By awakening to how we truly feel, allowing ourselves to fully feel AND consciously choosing to radiate an elevated emotion, a higher vibration, we are able to transmute energy. CLH can permeate to the depths of our shadow and bring it up into the light to transform, while filling our field with harmonic energy.


CLH can address stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, repeating thoughts and other issues which may cloud our daily lives. When we allow our body to enter into deep states of relaxation with the amplified support of CLH, this naturally alters the state of our mind. By moving into a theta brainwave state, we become more receptive to do deep healing work on the programs and patterns of the mind AND consciously choose new ways of being. We also open ourselves up to receiving those “AH-HA”s and break throughs both during the session and for several days after. Receiving CLH often leaves clients feeling renewed, refresh and clear.


This healing energy comes from the 12th dimension and higher, which encourages the merging of our Avatar/Christ Consciousness/ Buddha-Self, our Highest Self, Soul Self and Physical Self. Through the merging of our four body system, we are able to feel more complete, at peace, and in our natural state of Flow. All of the primary energy centers can be addressed, balanced and harmonized through CLH. The more clear and aligned our channel is, the more connected we can feel to those higher dimensional aspects of Self. As we awaken and activate those higher energy centers, intuition naturally becomes more accessible, a sense of Divine Purpose becomes clear, and we uncover our individualized Soul Mission.

What does a session look like? 

Sessions are held remotely via Zoom for approximately 60 minutes. Each session includes a centering meditation, intention setting, energy healing (where you just relax in a comfortable, reclined position), integration and a closing conversation. 

What is the investment?

Single Session: $60 

2 Session pack: $108

4 Session pack: $202

*For those experiencing financial hardship, I do offer shorter sessions at a discounted rate*

How do I book my first session?

Click on the button below to send me an email! 

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